Limoges Box
Paris Stamp

Paris is a place that people love, even people who have never been there can feel nostalgic for the "City of Lights".  This little treasure is from the world-famous studios in Limoges, France and will remind anyone that you give it to that you share a love of Paris.  Each porcelain box is hand-painted in the traditional style by studio artists, and inscribed with the coveted "peint main Limoges France".  Each French porcelain box arrives in a handsome gift box (see below) and includes a certificate of authenticity.

Length:  1.97"
Width:  1.38"
Height:  .39"
Shipping Weight:  1 lb.

ITEM:  GR-0550

PRICE:  $119.00





Your new Limoges Box will arrive in a handsome gift box as shown, along with a certificate of authenticity.  Click here for a larger view...






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