Limoges Box
Happy Birthday

What better way to say "Happy Birthday"?  This colorful little box is festooned with balloons, confetti and party hats.  Open the hinged lid and, to everyone's delight, a tiny cupcake with birthday candles is revealed.  This little treasure is from the world-famous studios in Limoges, France and will let anyone you give it to know that they are special.  Each porcelain box is hand-painted in the traditional style by studio artists, and inscribed with the coveted "peint main Limoges France".  Each French porcelain box arrives in a handsome gift box (see below) and includes a certificate of authenticity.

Length:  1.38"
Width:  1.77"
Height: 1.02"
Shipping Weight:  1 lb.

ITEM:  GR-1554

PRICE:  $119.00





Your new Limoges Box will arrive in a handsome gift box as shown, along with a certificate of authenticity.  Click here for a larger view...






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