International Gift Giving Etiquette - Brazil

GIFT GIVING IN BRAZIL* - Gift Giving Etiquette


General Rules

  • Giving a gift is not necessary during a first meeting. Instead, offer to buy lunch or dinner and use this opportunity to learn more about the recipient's tastes. This way, when the appropriate time comes to present a gift, you'll be able to make more of an informed choice.

  • A relaxed social situation is the best time to present a gift.

  • Do not give anything that is obviously expensive. Your generosity will only cause embarrassment or be misinterpreted as a bribe.

Appreciated Gifts

  • Small electronic items are often appreciated. Good choices include scientific calculators, electronic address books and day-timers, pocket CD players, and pocket radios.

  • Tapes and CDs of popular U.S. entertainers make prized gifts.

  • Inexpensive cameras and name-brand pens can also be good choices.

  • When invited to a home bring candy, a fine wine, champagne, or scotch.

  • Bring small gifts for any children who may be present. Good choices can include U.S. university and sports team T-shirts.

Gifts to Avoid

  • Avoid giving items in black or purple, since these are the colors of mourning. Moreover, handkerchiefs are also associated with funerals.

  • Gifts of knives, scissors, or letter openers are interpreted as the severing of a close bond.

  • Avoid practical gifts, since they may be perceived as too personal. For example, do not give items such as wallets, key chains, ties, sunglasses, jewelry, and perfume.





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