International Gift Giving Etiquette - Colombia

GIFT GIVING IN COLOMBIA* - Gift Giving Etiquette


General Guidelines

  • If you are given a gift, you should express tremendous gratitude.

  • When invited to a home for a meal, you can bring flowers, pastries or chocolates, nuts or fruits. Be aware that lilies and marigolds are exclusively for funerals.

  • If you know that you will meet a business associate's family, it is a thoughtful gesture to bring a gift for the children. Games and candy made in the U.S. will be especially appreciated. Ensure that your gift selections are not already easily available in Colombia.

  • Wrapped gifts are opened in private, so that the recipient does not appear greedy. To maintain the appearance of modesty, your gift may not be mentioned again, although you can be assured that it was received with gratitude.

Appreciated Gifts

  • fine pens and other office accessories

  • engraved quality items

  • gifts native to your home region

  • fine wines

  • alcohol such as scotch, vodka, and gin

  • perfume

Gifts to Avoid

  • foreign beer--Colombia already brews fine local beers, jewelry, clothing, ties, body lotion











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