International Gift Giving Etiquette - Denmark

GIFT GIVING IN DENMARK* - Gift Giving Etiquette


Gifts are not required in a business relationship.

  • Danish etiquette does not encourage you to have a gift in hand at a first meeting. But, if it looks as though business is going well, then a small gift may be given to your contact after agreements have been signed. If you happen to receive a gift in turn, you can open it in front of the person rather than waiting.

  • Other possible gifts include a box of chocolates. A good pen, paperweight, or other desk items with your company logo are also appropriate.


  • If you decide to bring flowers to the hostess when invited to a home, they should remain wrapped when you present them. If you wish to give flowers to your hostess, it is best to have them sent ahead of time, so as not to burden her with taking care of them when you arrive. The best flowers to select are bouquets of mixed wildflowers.

  • Unlike many other countries, roses are acceptable gifts for your host or hostess. Nevertheless, be sure you don't give white roses, because this color is associated with mourning.

  • Red is a good color to wrap gifts in.

  • An illustrated book from your home country or city makes an appropriate gift.

  • Because Danes enjoy alcoholic beverages, wine, whiskey, and similar beverages make good gifts.















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