More about James Lundberg & Lundberg Studios...

Artist James Lundberg first started creating beautiful, high quality studio glass paperweights in 1972.  Classically trained in ceramics, then glazes and finally glassmaking techniques, Lundberg traveled to Germany, Italy, Spain, France and England to learn his art.  Stopping in New York City on his way home from Europe, he was struck by the beauty and hues of Tiffany Art Glass.  His studio is now the leading replicator of Tiffany Style art glass.  Using the knowledge and skills he had acquired, most notably the prismatic glasses and decorative techniques of Tiffany, Lundberg began creating paperweights of a style and beauty that had previously not been created or exhibited.  In conjunction with the other artists of Lundberg Studios, this new style was called California Paperweight Style or "torchwork".

Examples of the glassworks and art of James Lundberg and Lundberg Studios are included in nearly every significant private glass collection and major museum.

The following is a list of items we carry from Lundberg: The World Vase Award, The Cosmos Art Glass Award, and The Europa Art Glass Award.