International Gift Giving Etiquette - Peru

GIFT GIVING IN PERU* - Gift Giving Etiquette


Appreciated Gifts

  • wine [a costly item in Peru]
  • daily planners
  • books about your country
  • name brand pens/quality pen sets
  • desk accessories
  • something with a significant connection to your home region [i.e., native folk art or an illustrated book]
  • small electronic gadgets, such as calculators, electronic address books, and day-timers
  • ties, scarves, or other accessories in natural fabrics [it's often too hot for man-made weaves]

Gifts to Avoid

  • 13 of anything
  • purple or black objects [which have connotations of religious ceremonies]
  • handkerchiefs [which are equated with mourning]
  • knives [which can signify cutting off a relationship]
  • letter openers or any item with a sharp edge [these items are associated with severing ties]

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