International Gift Etiquette - Venezuela



General Guidelines

  • Before presenting a business gift, wait until you have established a cordial relationship with the recipient. For example, gifts should be considered necessary after you have been invited to dinner or when someone has done something thoughtful for you. Female business travelers, however, should not give gifts to businessmen.
  • The most opportune time to present a business gift is during a long lunch. Refrain from giving a gift during business hours.
  • When invited to a Venezuelan home, always arrive with at least a token gift.
  • It will also be appreciated if you give gifts to any children of your hosts or colleagues that you may encounter.
  • When you are planning to make a return trip, ask colleagues if there is something from your home country that they would like you to bring back.

Appreciated Gifts

  • fine chocolates
  • a quality, imported liquor such as scotch
  • a high-quality desk accessory with your company name
  • a high-quality lighter with your company name
  • a name brand pen
  • a name brand desk set
  • small electronics
  • a book featured on the 'New York Times' bestseller list [if the recipient reads English]
  • For a woman, a good perfume is a welcome gift.
  • An arrangement of orchids, the national flower, is a popular and easily available floral gift.

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