Satellite Image Earth Balloons

Above: 22" Diameter Helium Earth Balloon
Below: Comparison with standard foil balloon


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This 22" diameter globe balloon is apart of the Qualatex Bubbles line of wrinkle free round balloons. Each Earth balloon features impressively detailed satellite imagery of the planet printed on translucent stretchable plastic. Unlike round foil balloons the bubble balloon inflates without any wrinkles to a near spherical shape. These globe balloons have a self sealing feature and will retain helium for at least a few weeks. The balloons are pop resistant, but not pop proof. They can also withstand outside pressure changes. Each balloon is individually retail packaged with a moisture pack to ensure maximum quality. For simple inflation use the flex tip inflator valve shown below.  Click here to view a video on inflating these balloons. 

ITEM#: MR-16871
Size: 22" Diameter
Price: $59.40, Case of 12 balloons.

A case of 12 balloons is the minimum order, single quantities over 12 can be added to your order at $4.95 each by contacting us at 1-877-884-2402 or e-mail.

Optional Accessories

Economy Flex Tip Inflator
Perfect for tank rentals, tapered tilt valve makes enables simple inflation of bubble balloons.

Item#: MR-81100
Price: $48.00

Please call 877-884-2402 toll free or click here to email your order.

Below: Example of balloon packaging

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