International Gift Etiquette - Turkey



General Guidelines

  • Your gift giving obligations are very limited as long as your Turkish colleagues entertain you only in public places, such as restaurants.
  • If you are invited to a Turkish home, an invitation may come more quickly from someone you meet socially than from a business colleague, and a gift will be expected. If you are not the only guest, your hostess may not open your gift in your presence; seeing to the comfort of the guests takes priority.
  • If your invitation is for an extended stay [rather than a meal], further gifts are advisable. Books or music from your home country can be good choices.
  • If you know that your colleague drinks, a fine whiskey or liqueur is appropriate.
  • Be sure to bring gifts for any children present, such as candy [especially chocolate] or small toys.
  • Orthodox Islam prohibits alcohol and depictions of the human body [including photographs and drawings]. Decide whether your hosts adhere to these strictures before giving such gifts.

Appreciated Gifts

  • wine or liquor if you are sure your hosts drink alcohol
  • candy
  • pastries
  • roses
  • carnations
  • Glassware, such as a vase, goblet or decanter makes prized gifts.

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